TP7 Fire proof door


TP7 Fire proof door


             Steel door made of 2 pieces Electro-galvanized steel sheet thickness 1.60  mm  weld together  Anti-Rust. reinforced structure with stiffener    It would made more stronger door leaf  45 mm. (thicker than normal)  door leaf color finished by polyester powder coating from “Jotun” Door leaf inside squirt  Rock Wool density 110 kg/m3  resistant fire 4 hours at 1,000 degree Celsius. 

            Door sill made of stainless steel grade 304 thickness 1.50 mm. Smoke rubber seal was installed around the edge of the door frame.




 *** We can do customized works as special requirements.

           Color:  Cream color , Gray color


 Standard set for door leaf

      -    1 door leaf

      -     Door frame

      -    Stainless steel hinge grade 304 Size 5” x 4” thickness 3.0 mm.

      -    Stainless doorstep with smoke protect rubber

 Standard set for double leafs

           -     double door leaf

 -     Door frame

 -     Stainless steel hinge grade 304 size 5” x 4” thickness 3.0 mm.

 -     Stainless steel doorstep with smoke protect rubber

 -     Meeting style


 -     Push bar

           -     Door closer